Wellbeing Vision Statement 

Kew House will promote, develop, equip and prepare healthy learners for life. We are committed to making it our mission to promote resilience, positive emotional and physical wellbeing and mental health for all our pupils and staff. 

We understand wellbeing to be a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy, physically, emotionally and mentally. We aim to drive this message forward, and to ensure that emotional wellbeing, mental health and physical wellbeing are on a par with safeguarding, as everyone’s business across the whole school community. 

We believe having an emotionally, physically and mentally healthy community is not about being happy all the time, but about working together through the challenges and sharing the celebrations; feeling supported, heard, accepted, valued and empowered. 

We will strive to create an environment that has a whole school approach, in providing excellent mental health support, understanding and intervention. 

We will put wellbeing at the heart of our school to ensure successful learning, and commit to our policies reflecting this practise.  


The Wellbeing Award for Schools 

As a core strand to our ongoing desire to improve the wellbeing of the pupils and staff at Kew House School, a group of staff are currently working through an action plan aimed at achieving the Wellbeing Award for Schools. Updates on the progress towards this award will be published on this page of our website. 

Will Williams 


May 2023