Year 7 to Year 11

Kew House School's uniform provider is Perry Uniform. 

To register as a new customer and purchase your child's uniform and sports kit, please use the link below: 

Order Uniform Here

To see all the items included in our uniform, click here and view items under 'uniform' and 'sports kit'. 

For sports kit, as a minimum, we advise purchasing the following items:

  1. Shirts (all colours shown)
  2. Shorts (and in addition, skort for girls for netball)
  3. Striped socks and plain white socks

For colder months, pupils will need the tracksuit bottoms and ‘mid-layer’ top. The ‘jacket’ is not compulsory. ‘Outerwear and Accessories’ on the Perry website are not compulsory.

Pupils may wear white, black or blue sensible trainers of any brand. We recommend purchasing a pair of wellington boots if your child takes up rowing.

School Shoes:

  • All pupils should wear polished leather shoes. Black shoes are not permitted
  • Boys may wear gloss brown, boat or brogue style polished shoe (no suede or contrasting soles)
  • Girls may wear either gloss brown or blue leather or leather style polished shoes
  • Ballet style or light court shoes are not acceptable on safety grounds

Sixth Form Dress Code

Our dress code for the Sixth Form recognises the senior position that the students have reached in the school and allows them to step away from wearing school uniform. However, students are expected to wear professional dress and take pride in their appearance. Clothes, hair, jewellery and make up should be appropriate for situations such as a formal office environment or for an interview. Students are requested to heed any good-intentioned advice from teachers with regard to levels of acceptable sixth form dress. Below are indications of acceptable office attire, based on trousers, skirts or dresses:


  • Smart suit or jacket with a shirt and tie
  • The top button of the shirt should be done up
  • Smart V-neck jumpers are acceptable in cold weather with a shirt and tie worn underneath

Skirts or Dresses:

  • Options include:
    • Smart suit (skirt)
    • Formal dress or skirt with a jacket
  • The above should be worn with a formal blouse or shirt (shoulders should be covered and vest tops or jumpers without a shirt are not permitted)
  • Skirts can be worn at knee length or slightly above but should neither be too short nor restrict movement
  • Tights or socks must be worn
  • Jumpers may be worn over shirts and blouses in cold weather


  • Black, navy or dark brown shoes of a sensible style
  • A low heel may be worn
  • Trainers, ankle boots, ballet pumps, sandals or wedges are not permitted
  • Jeans, trainers, hoodies or branded clothing are not acceptable

Our full Uniform Policy is available to view here