In recognition of our support for pupils' achievements, we offer a number of honorary scholarships at Kew House School.

If you have a question which is not answered on our website, please contact our Admissions Team by email at or by phone on 020 8742 2038 (option 3). 

Scholarship Policy

Our Scholarship Policy can be found here.

Scholarship Application Process

The application processes noted below pertain to both Year 7 and Year 12 unless otherwise stated. All pupils applying for Kew House School for entry into Year 7 will automatically be considered for Academic Scholarships. Aside from the Kew House School Admissions interview, all applicants for Scholarships will take part in an assessment of potential and interview with the Head of Department of their Scholarship application. Additional references will be sought from those persons of responsibility named on the Scholarship application form. 

Art and Design & Technology Scholarships

Art and Design & Technology scholarships will be awarded to prospective Year 7 and Sixth Form students who show an exceptional ability in Art and/or Design & Technology. Commitment will be demonstrated through a diverse portfolio of work that reveals an enquiring mind and ability to explore ideas at a high level. Applicants should be able to critically analyse works of art and/or product design in depth and discuss current and past exhibitions and visits to museums and galleries. 

Assessment interview detail:

  • Portfolio presentation of the applicant’s own work
  • A short supervised practical task

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Music Scholarships

Music scholarships are awarded to pupils with a passionate interest in music-making and aptitude to match. Successful candidates are likely to have shown progression though ABRSM, Trinity, Rock School or an alternative recognised assessment programmes, although candidates who have not taken grade examinations will be considered if they can demonstrate working at an equitable level. Year 7 Music Scholars will be working at or beyond the equivalent of ABRSM practical Grade 4 in one instrument coupled with proficiency in a second instrument or a commitment to singing, whilst in possession of the award. Year 12 Music Scholars will be expected to have attained at least Grade 6 in one instrument and be committed to or having passed ABRSM Grade 5 Theory of Music. Music Scholars will include Music within their GCSE or A level portfolio and commit to participating in solo and ensemble performances during the period of their award.

Assessment interview detail:

  • Applicants will be asked to perform a short work of their choosing
  • A short vocal exercise will be included as appropriate

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Drama Scholarships

Drama scholars will demonstrate promise as a performer, as a director, a stage manager or designer. Their commitment to the performing arts will be matched by a willingness to share that passion with others in the School community. Applicants will have already contributed to school productions or out of school performances, either on stage or backstage. Additional commitment to the field will have been shown by regular engagement with live theatre, plus any assessments taken (e.g. LAMDA) will have been rewarded with strong grades and marks.

Assessment interview detail:

  • Applicants will take part in a workshop that will seek to examine their chosen specialist area(s).

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Sports Scholarships

Sports scholars will have a basis of first team school experience with the addition of county, regional or national representation in at least one sport. Sports Scholars are committed to representing the School, whilst maintaining their representative commitments. The School will work with partners to support the development pathway of young athletes. Sport Scholars will show leadership through enthusiastic commitment.

Assessment interview detail:

  • An individual and group, physical activity will be used to assess the aptitude and responses of the applicants

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