Head's Welcome | Kew House School

Welcome from Mr Williams, Headmaster

It is my privilege to walk amongst our learning community each day. Our pupils learn within a purposeful, inclusive and forgiving environment. The calmness of the atmosphere is the outcome of many simple features within the planning and running of the school. Pupils only ever move from a lesson to a break, rather than a lesson to a lesson. They solely carry the things they need with them for each lesson, not overburdened by hefty bags. The community runs on expectations not rules. Each year the Pupil Council review their expectations of each other, tweaking them as they feel appropriate. These Pupil Expectations can be found within this website and serve as an important statement of how we believe that young people should be involved in their education. 

The school celebrates achievement in all areas of pupil activity. Often ignored as an important element of inclusion, it is the recognition and respect that young people give to each other for their individual endeavors that bonds them as a group. From Oxbridge entry, to work experience with Formula 1 teams, Spotify streams to stage success, rowing medals to netball cups: our community cherishes and celebrates them all. 

Pupils at Kew House are encouraged to face success and failure and ask themselves "what am I going to do differently next time?". Building resilience is a vital component of senior school education and such reflective questioning is facilitated by outstanding pastoral care, aided by frequent reporting. Our pupils join Personal Tutor (PT) groups, vertically structured with members of each year group from Year 7 to Year 11. PTs meet daily and engage in peer-to-peer support as well as taking time to reflect on world events and their own progress.

By reporting once a month to pupils on their class progress, we give our pupils frequent updates on their progress, whilst providing the answer to the fundamental parental question "how are they doing?". It is by working with our young people to help them to find their answers to their own improvement, be it academic, sporting, creative, friendships etc., that builds their confidence as they tackle evermore difficult life and school challenges. By individualising progress reporting to the statistical expectations of young people, we demonstrate the most important aspect of a Kew House education; "We are all individuals and that is what makes us all the same." 

We are a thriving school that, though tranquil in atmosphere, is buzzing with life. Our pupils, parents and in particular our excellent teaching staff work together to ensure that each day at school is a great day. 


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