Careers, UCAS and Enrichment

We provide our students with maximum exposure to careers related experiences and guidance meetings take place throughout Year 12. Kew House has established links with local and city-wide organisations including businesses, community groups, arts foundations, scientific institutes and museums.

A two-week work experience placement in Year 12 contributes to students making informed decisions about their futures. We closely tutor and guide our students throughout the UCAS process over the course of the Sixth Form. Our staff have a wealth of experience and contacts at universities guarantee that students know how to apply for the country’s most prestigious institutions. We also provide careers advice and guidance through outside speakers from universities and industry experts.

Enrichment – Beyond Exam Grades

Admission to the best universities and the most demanding courses in the country requires more than just high grades. A successful applicant must stand out from the crowd and our enrichment programme combines numerous different elements which deliver these opportunities. Our Individuals in Society course includes seminars on body language, emotional intelligence, nutrition and personal finance and produces engaged young adults, prepared for the “real world”. We inform our students about the dangers of the adult world and how to make informed choices to survive in it.

The Extended Study Project (EPQ)

All students are encouraged to complete the Extended Study Project in addition to their A-Level studies. Students apply the independent learning skills they have been taught in a real-life context and cover an area of learning that they decide on independently. The EPQ can be used towards university admissions, counting as half an A-Level.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an integral part of the life of students at KHS. We are convinced of the value of the experiences it provides for our students. We encourage our students to take part so they can demonstrate to universities and employers that they can operate outside their comfort zones and can cope with any challenge thrown at them.

Leaders in the Community

Our Sixth Formers are seen as leaders, are treated as young adults and provide an example to the lower year groups of the school. Our Head Boy and Girl lead a Sixth Form Headship Team which liaises with the School Council in Years 7 to 11 to direct charitable activities, suggest improvements and volunteer within the community. We have forged links with local primary and SEN schools which allow students to help those less fortunate than themselves and contribute to the world beyond the school gates.

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