Healthy Meals

At the heart of Kew House School’s education, is a love of learning which is supported by a healthy body and a healthy mind. 

Our dedicated in-house catering team provide freshly prepared meals which are varied, nutritious, well balanced and above all, delicious. School menus rotate on a weekly basis and combine seasonal, fresh ingredients to produce healthy lunches.

Sharon Andrews has been the Gardener Schools Group Catering Manager since it was founded. She has qualifications in Nutrition and manages the catering for all school events ranging from parent/staff BBQ events to Canapé Receptions.

All of our schools have a 5-star Food Standard’s Agency Rating which is the highest possible level.

Pupils have the option to purchase freshly baked pastries before school begins from the restaurant and can purchase snacks at break times.

At lunch time, pupils have a huge variety of foods to choose from, including a delicious hot meal, sandwiches, bagels, rolls, a variety of salads, pasta salads, fruit, yoghurts and dessert. We also provide gluten free, vegetarian and Halal meat options.

Drinking water is always available at break and lunch times, and additionally throughout the day with chilled water fountains at various points around the school.

For those pupils staying after school to attend a club, they can purchase a snack from the restaurant between 4.00pm and 4.15pm before that club begins.

Local Suppliers

We are proud that the majority of our food is sourced locally, including meat, fish, vegetables and dairy products which come from independent, local traders.

Dietary Requirements

Every endeavour is made to ensure that individuals with special dietary requirements are met, just as they would be at home. Wherever possible we try not to change the menus for pupils with special dietary requirements but simply adapt the weekly menu to meet their needs.


We are a nut free school. We have a number of children with a range of food allergies and this is one of the main reasons we do not allow pupils to bring in a packed lunch or any snacks from home. Our catering staff are alerted to food allergies at the start of every academic year and advise pupils as to the contents of the meals being provided.

What is for lunch this week?

Menus can be viewed on our website, allowing parents to discuss food choices with their child, guiding them towards foods which they will enjoy.