Pastoral Care

Pastoral care: the personal, social (wellbeing) and academic needs of pupils.

We aim to develop the feeling of a family and social hub at Kew House School, giving emotional support and security to all pupils and employees. Each pupil receives individual attention both educationally and pastorally.

Children and young adults thrive when their self-esteem is bolstered and confidence enables them to flourish. Our approach is holistic as we believe that there can be no artificial barriers between a pupil's intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual growth.

A number of staff are involved in the life of each pupil, but in particular, the Personal Tutor who meets their tutee on a daily basis, stays the same staff member throughout the pupil’s seven years with us.

We work with parents and pupils to do our best to support them as the pupil moves along their educational journey. With in our timetable and pastoral structures we will always seek to be flexible to meet the needs of pupils and their aspirations. Such flexibility is limited by the physical and staff resources onsite and the level of supervision required. In our experience, flexible attendance and hybrid learning (where a pupil remotely accesses live classrooms), place undue burdens on the resources of the school and will rarely be approved. 

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