Parent Advisory Council


The parents on the Advisory Council meet termly with the Headmaster and Deputy Heads to provide advice, information and support. 

Their work includes monitoring and, where possible, improving the Charter for Parents.  They have the brief to encourage parents to use the systems in place at the School.  They also raise issues and make suggestions to support  and improve the School.  Assistance in the development, preparation and review of School policies e.g. Behaviour Policy, Health and Sex Education Policy, will be amongst the many tasks undertaken by the Advisory Council.

If not represented, a Friends committee member may be co-opted onto this group at the Headmaster’s discretion. The term of office is normally 3 years. Members can ask to remain on the council after this period if nominations permit.

The Headmaster recognises the importance of hearing the views of the local community about the School and may therefore co-opt local representatives as appropriate to join the Advisory Council. 

Below are the Parents Advisory Council Members:

Parent Name


Ms Susy Bean11H & 13K
Mrs Zofia Benfield9S & 11K
Mrs Suzanne Cagnoli12H
Dr Jackie Childs11K
Ms Charlotte Davies12H
Mrs Alegra Druce11H
Mrs Emily Fitch Miller9L & 11K
Mrs Pat Gooderham7H, 9K & 13K
Dr Julia Hoegh12H
Mrs Maria Lettini13K
Mr Jim Low10H
Mrs Ceinwen Mailvaganam9L & 10H
Mrs Dina McCormick10H
Ms Colette Noe10K
Mrs Maggie Scott7H & 10K