Taking advantage of the school’s location near to the heart of London, Kew House uses the city as a resource for extended learning. The school aims to promote links with local and city-wide organisations, including businesses, community groups, arts foundations, scientific institutes and museums and is outward-looking in its involvement in life beyond the school gates.

Guest speakers and visitors are invited in regularly to inspire students and encourage them to link their core subjects to life beyond the school gates. Speakers hold workshops and interactive sessions both during the main school day and after school, during the school holidays and at weekends.

As part of their interaction with the world outside the school walls, Kew House students all take part in residential school trips during their time at the school. These include activity based courses in the UK as well as cultural experiences abroad. These may vary from a theatrical troupe going to France to geographers visiting Yosemite National Park in California, from survival courses in Devon to art appreciation in Rome. Such trips are designed to bolster confidence and independence as well as to give inspiration.

A variety of clubs are on offer before school, at lunch time and after school. Among the many clubs currently on offer are Chamber Choir, Music Tech, Basketball, Cake Decorating, Cookery, Swimming, Chess, Debating, Digital Photography and Italian Club. There is no extra charge for clubs unless the school needs to employ staff or instructors with a high level of technical expertise or hire specific facilities which are not usually part of the curriculum.

Extra Classes – Given demand, KHS will provide extra academic classes after school and during the school holidays. These will usually be for subjects not part of the school’s main curriculum and as such will incur further tuition fees.